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A un Regional Recruiter In Auburn, NH le preguntaron...10 de enero de 2019

How does your military career qualify you for this job.

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13 years of recruiting experience, I know how to find quality talent.

Don’t let them sucker you. Military experience makes no impact in this type of job or get you better opportunities. Menos

Randstad US

How do you manage time when speaking to candidates that are not a fit.

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Even though they may not be the best fit now, you always want to give every candidate the courtesy of a good interview experience for taking interest in your company. If they don’t have enough/the right experience for the position now, they could be a possible candidate in the future. Menos

You need to keep your interviews short with those that are not a fit and spend your time digging with candidates that could be a fit. Menos

Safire Care

What is my recruitment background

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I explained that I worked with the health plan to recruit specific doctors to their networks. Menos

University of Nevada, Reno

Why do you want to work for UNR?

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That I had experience working in CA recruiting for non-CA universities and believed UNR was a great fit for many of the CA high school students looking for options beyond CA. Menos

Carewatch Care Services

If a branch won a contract for 500 hours how many Care workers would we need to facilitate this new contract. What methods would you use to recruit the carers?

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I based my answer on the company average of hours worked by our carers I used methods of which I had experience of using and were successful Menos


Tell me about yourself?

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How did you go about to find candidates?

Clayton Homes

Tell me how you supported your clients when you where with "x"? (which was 3 jobs ago.

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I gave them the support they needed depending on the search critira they presented. Menos

Mortenson Dental Partners

Q: How do you work under pressure?

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I thrive under pressure. This is typically when I do my best work.


Filling out reasons for gap in employment is fine but having to do it because it was the weekend is ridiculous. Then asking for residential history is quite frankly none of this company's business until I have a job. And even then, it's still none of this company's business.

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All the questions including past addresses is relevant to background investigations. Menos

Smart City Locating

What do you not like about your current place of employment?

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Having to tell people no.

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