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Bonaventure Senior Living
A un Regional Director Sales and Marketing le preguntaron...6 de febrero de 2014

Most unexpected question was how do I feel about different opportunities within the company if I was unable to work in applied position

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Yes, I would be interested


Why do you want to be a partof this organization?

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I want to be on a team with people who do the right thing for seniors and our team members. Menos


How do I handle the didn't personalities in a call center environment

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Very well. Every day it's different, and I am fair.

Asset Living

My marketing experience.

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My marketing experience

Raising Cane's

Give me examples of where you have led marketing programs that are highly localized within a community.

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I currently run marketing for a multi-unit operation so gave some examples of those types of campaigns. Menos


What is my leadership style?

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Focused on setting the team up for success through transparent communication, collaboration, playing to strengths, and providing support and guidance in prioritization of responsibilities. Menos

Lithium Technologies

How come you work at Lithium without having work for a software company before ?

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Have a lot of experience with your customers and with Marketing services so I can bring added value on understanding their needs and insights ! Menos


How would you leverage strategic multi-channel marketing strategies to help the Compass agents grow their business?

Wood Mackenzie

Competency-based so need to be prepared to provide a lot of examples.


Explain anytime I failed and overcame

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