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IHG Hotels and Resorts
A un Global HR Director le preguntaron...18 de septiembre de 2020

What are 3 words that describe you at your best?

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Perfectionist, ready to learn and respectful person.


Describe the most diffuse moment in your career and how you dealt with it.

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Ethics matter more than shirt term results


Very poor Qs in general!

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Demotivation the applicant to get engage and answer the Qs!


How is the career development provided in Cargill?

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Cargill offers multiple opportunity for career. From one business unit to another business unit, by promotion, opening a regional or global position that is transparently informed to all employee. Menos

NN Group

IQ, personality, Reasoning,

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60mins test


Describe your roles and responsibilities in your previous job Your contribution towards the development of your team.

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Described about my roles, responsibilities and spoke about the project which I worked on . Menos

Bank of America

Tell me a bit about yourself

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Strictly professional, didn't talk too much about my personal life and list a few past experiences Menos


Do you understand what it means to be globally aware? In what instances have you used such awareness?

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Discussed study abroad experiences, and how different cultures have different expectations. Menos


What is your understanding of global acumen? In what context have you used your global acumen?

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I spoke about jobs I'd had while studying abroad, and the need to adapt oneself to different cultural expectations. Menos

Koch Industries

Normal questions, no surprises.

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