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Agilent Technologies
A un Americas Campus Recruiting Program Manager le preguntaron...17 de agosto de 2018

Why are you interested in Agilent? Tell me about your experiences working with stakeholders. Tell me about how you improved processes.

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If you've done your research and already have relevant experience going into the interviews, then it's not that difficult. It felt more like conversations than interviews, which I like, and I'm glad to know that they care about your career advancement at Agilent. Menos


Tell me something creative that you accomplish recently.

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converted a wrong presentation into a right presentation on the spot


Standard questions regarding my experiences and workflows, operations, etc.


Why are you interested in working at Pinterest?


What are you looking for in your next role?


How can I add value for Salesforce using my existing skillset?


Creative thinking area: What are projects or processes that you believe would make Uber's candidate experience world class? No parameters here, use your imagination and think big. Flesh out your ideas and how you would implement and/or approach.


Q: What is your experience leading projects in your role?


why Pinterest? talk about your project management approach


High Level Principles and Strategy: * How do you approach project and process work? Any particular methodologies or strategies that you think work best?

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