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Gulf Catering Co.
A un Quality Controller le preguntaron...17 de enero de 2019

What is HACCP?

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Hazard analysis critical control points

Hazard analysis critical control point.

I answered there abbreviations and principles in details.

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related textile and leather garments stiching and quailty vise

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i have much experience in stiching , superviser , final chaker , and quailty control Menos

I am available for an interview

Can you again my interview

EMD Serono

Do you write poetry? (this was for a QA position)

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wow !! u r lucky fellow .to get this question :)

Please share few questions ,frequently asked in Canada for Quality assurance, i just want to know the template. Menos

I have written poetry for school and I did some writing on my own in university. I have more recently written haiku's and limericks. I get this creativity from my father who is constanly writing poetry. Menos


What do you know about 5S?

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Japanese organization and houskeeping methodology.

Japanese housekeeping

Japanese housekeeping organization

Rise Technical Recruitment

Why do I want the job? (about three times)

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A decent career working with Prestigious RTC.

Iam honest that this company will provide me to build my career with a best experience Menos

This company provides an opportunity to build the dreams of people.

TriGeo Network Security

How would you slice a cake with 3 slices to get 8 pieces.

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cut cake horizontally 1 time and vertical 2 times.


Using a language of your preference, parse a log file for a key phrase occurring withing a certain date range and redirect the output to a separate file.

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I used perl. The person told me I didn't have it quite right because I hadn't taken into account that there might be white space around the key phrase Menos

### Python code ### Assuming the file is not very large, but has a variation in date/timestamp import re fhandle = open("./data.txt", "r") data = # Date range is 15 through 17 lst = re.findall(".*1[5-7]/Sep/2016:00:05:.*", data) datelines = "\n".join(lst) # search for some string like 200 2 23 lines = re.findall(".* 200 2 23", datelines) print(lines) Menos

Invensis Technologies Pvt
A un QA Manager le preguntaron...12 de noviembre de 2013

I work for product base company & HR(from Chennai) asked me how can you work on only 1 product for 3 years? What is the need of testing one product for so many years?

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Testing a product is never complete, especially if the product is used by a large number of clients. There will be demand for new enhancements or bug fixes and to implement those we need to perform testing on a continuing basis. And by the way what does a HR know about testing?:) Menos

Absolutely Correct! IT HR should be trained so that they don't ask such pathetic question & reject any candidate in HR round. Menos


Why did so little people have reported to me in previous positions

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My lead and manager positions were in relatively small companies and my role was to interact with other areas and demand for their results Menos

the name of the company I was interviewed at was Viniteck, not Autotren

PDR Network

What is the standard bit encryption used on US based Websites.

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128-bit encrytion

Who cares? OK - I didn't really say that, but I wanted to. A QA Manager doesn't need to know standard encryption is 64 bit. Menos

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