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Alliance Machine Systems International
A un Purchasing Supervisor le preguntaron...26 de mayo de 2015

If you had to fire someone how would you do it? How aggressive would you be with suppliers? Would you let them continually fail to deliver on time?

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First I'd need to access the employee's abilities and motivations, to determine if they are truly a detriment to the company or just need additional training to get them going in the right direction to be more beneficial to the company. Menos

Kimball Midwest

Questions were standard situational and behavioral. Be prepared to know some details about cost structures in the for the products.

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Senior Manager was antogonistic in his approach and negative with comments if the reply was not-inline with his opinion. It may be best to be guarded during the process, or consider this as warning for a more seasoned resource. Menos


How would I plan to measure inventory turns and negotiate cost savings on purchases?

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Through rigorous analysis and computer models of projected outcomes

IHG Hotels and Resorts

What do you do for month end?

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I will complete my hard work

Glass Systems Group

basic accounts questions to see if you were able to fulfill the tasks, and some background questions

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gave my experience and skill sets.

DC Shoes

how to problem solve

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how to problem solve


If I want to fire someone how I do it?

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I answered I wouldn't fire easily, I would talk and encourage the person to perfume better first. Menos

Collins Aerospace

What is your experience

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over 30 years


what is your management style?

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