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A un Purchasing Assistant le preguntaron...12 de marzo de 2018

The basics, do you have experience? It was a year ago, it is hard to remember specific questions Amanda and Marc asked.

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The typical answers you would give at an interview. I wrote the review because I noticed that Marc must have been leaving great reviews here for his company. The last few 5 star reviews came from within the company. There was about two long term employees who worked there and almost everyone else was VERY new. I can't see anyone leaving 5 star reviews for this company. It was hostile and very uncomfortable. Menos

Again, this is the same person who got let go. Her boyfriend who never worked at Falcon Dynamics, Inc. however he is upset of the fact his girlfriend lost her job because of many warning she got regarding her performance. Now he is going Glassdoor posting these negative information. You can tell that he is not familiar with Falcon Dynamics, inc when he mentioned that we are located in Lake Forest, however we are located in Irvine. The bad Karma is already following these people and we heard that they are sitting home miserable. We are a great company and have a great team and these hateful individual is not going to affect our reputation. Menos

It’s barely in Irvine. lol the next major cross street is lake forest drive. The owner has a horrible Napoleon complex. This place is horrible the owner is horrible the management is horrible. I feel bad for Amanda. I hope she’s at least making $30/hr at this point but she’s probably not. Menos

TSE Industries

Are you organized?

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Yes, I am very organized. I make lists and have great follow-up.


Robert Bosch

Why are you interested in this company

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This is an international company with good reputation

Well known company


Expecting salary

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A reasonable salary

A reasonable salary

Only a temp job, was not there long.

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Only a temp job, was not there long.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

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I said in 5 years I’d hope to have my supervisors job


If a much-required delivery from the NW part of the country heading to GA was delayed due to snow conditions, how would I react with multiple people surrounding me and yelling about how this would result in production stoppage.

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I responded that I would pull together as much info as I could on the exact specifications of those products required and start searching for alternate sources that could get substitutes to us. Menos

What are some of my experiences that would help and enable me to do the job I was being hired for.

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2 things, i have been a stay at home mom for a family of 4 children all spaced 2 years apart, i have learned great organization and balance. Master of multitasking as well as research. 2nd is I have huge volunteer experience in acquisitions for live and sikent auctions as well as monetary donations to underwrite the event. This opportunity taught me to research and learn the businesses and their abilities of what they could offer and I to ask for. It also taught me to keep moving forward in research to locate what we needed. And most importantly to work with and for the team for a larger project. Menos


What is that attitude or behavoiur in you that you want to change if you meet god?

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To be. Honest till last breath

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