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They asked me about my needs within the team

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Only questions about background. plus why would you for criteo? what are you looking for in a position?

- languages proficiency - ability to work under pressure - ability to prioritize - client oriented outlook

Describe a challenging situation in your current position and explain how you resolved it.

How do you imagine project management being different on the client side?

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Typical questions (why do you want this job, why do you know about Amaris, etc) Presentation (tell me about yourself) Some questions about the telecom sector, and some related with past experience. Salaray expectations (mine were not aligned with their offering)

What does the term “social justice” mean and why is it important?

Las preguntas son de la experiencia profesional, y a parte de eso, la comunicacion es fluida des de todo que la empresa ofrece y como tu lo vês y como es en tu vida profesional. 

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