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alliantgroup, LP
A un Professional Engineer/Project Manager le preguntaron...25 de junio de 2013

You have 4 clients; client A - small and loyal, client B - pain in the ass and angry, client C - large with the potential for repeat business, and client D - chill and easy going. Because of things out of your control, you will miss the deadline for 2 of the 4 clients. Which 2 would you rather miss the deadline for and why.

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What was your answer?

RxLogix Corporation

How would you handle a compliance project? How would you handle fixed start in Microsoft Project Plan?

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Provided the project methodology for the first. However, wasn't sure of the second. Menos


List a couple of things that you do at your current position that toe into what you would be doing in the position of you were to be hired.

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Tied a lot of teamwork and process analysis points into what I did previously into how it it would benefit me and the team. Menos


Question on earned value management

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Depends on which person is taking your interview, if the person is well qualified and knows what kind of person is to be recruited, he will make it worst in the technical interview Menos

Gemmiti Model Art

I was asked if I was interested in helping the company succeed, which clearly made obvious to me the business needed help.

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I was up to the challenge.


How would you operate working remotely.

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Currently work remotely, so had experience and enjoy the autonomous work as I get to see the project from end to end. Menos


Do you have a project management certification

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No. But I taught Project Management in University. So it will not be difficult to take this certification Menos

Sime Darby Industrial

How can you increase your sales from *** to *** (ten times higher) from your past experience?

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Joint venture , good connections with people


What degrees/certifications do you hold

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Answered appropriate to my scenario.

All questions were predictable apart from the two case studies for which quite some work is required to make good.

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