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A un Project Engineer le preguntaron...24 de noviembre de 2022

What is memory leak?Then data structures,sorting


Tell me about your role on your capstone project? Tell me about a time you worked with a difficult person, and how did you handle it?


what is your favorite sport


Introductions then after your current project and some technical knowledge


Self intro C code Python code logic


Tell me a time where you saw a safety issue and how did you approach it?


Basics of C and Python, mainly about DMA and datatypes


what problems did you faced during the project?

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I told him it was a new technology I took my time understanding and at the same time working on it. Menos


Introduce yourself. basics of java. about my projects. are you ready to relocate?

Tudip Technologies

What is Compile time Polymorphism and how is it different from Runtime Polymorphism? What is meant by Inheritance? What is Abstraction?

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