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Project management specific methodologies and control software you use

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Basecamp, MS Project

Porqué me interesaría trabajar en Holaluz?

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If I was free and if I would like to move to Baku for 5 months.

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Do you mind working after hours if there is an emergency or isolated case where a project production need extra time?

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- Who do you admire? - How would you sell the following pen to an old accountant (and they give you pros and cons for the pen)? - Once the interview was over: what is your last message? Sorry, there were really lots and lots of questions of all kind. It was a few months ago and I couldn't think of any more.

Very standard questions like, If I called your ex boss, what would she/he say abaout you...

Academic Background Professional Background Achievements Why did you study Civil Engineering? Your biggest strength/weakness

Questions about my past experience and my motivation for the position.

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