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A un Graphic Designer/Production Artist le preguntaron...29 de septiembre de 2017

Can you work overtime? Can you pass a drug test? Can you start tomorrow?

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Where you ever involved in crime, like do you have any criminal record?

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With great bravery and confidence and said, "no I currently own no bad or negative record howsoever. Menos

No I have no criminal record.

*Were There, I fixed it.


Can you stand on your feet for atleast 8 hours

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343 Industries

Are you willing to work long hours?

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I would be willing to work overtime, but only with fair compensation; I may love the work I do, but I'm but I also want to payed for the hard work I'm doing. Menos


Would you be interested in learning to use software that differs from that which your school emphasizes?

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They three you a softball 🥎

Absolutely! Software is less important than the work your creating and the people/teams you're part of! Menos


What design field are you trying to get into?

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I love Package and UI/UX Design. I have a background in a wide range of design fields, so I am capable of working in almost any. But I would really like to be involved with experience design in some way. Menos

Stormtech Performance Apparel


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paper culture

How do you deal with a coworker that isn’t pulling their weight on the team?

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Approach them and ask them if something is concerning them and if there is anyway to help, cause we all need to work together to succeed. Menos


How would you not get bored in this position?

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It is the people I work with, that help me not get bored.

Equator Design

Do you have experience with customer service, sales, and previously managing accounts?

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Luckily I did, so I told them of my previous experience to keep the interview going, but at this point we were both just playing the motions to end it. Menos

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