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Kansas City National Security Campus
A un Global Category Manager, Procurement le preguntaron...8 de septiembre de 2021

What are your greatest weaknesses ?

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Overly detailed, take on more work than assigned, perfectionist.

That’s not a good answer for your weakness.


All the interview questions are related to Amazon's Leadership principles. They provide the principles in advance and tell you that the interview process is focused on them. STAR principle (Situation or Task you've faced in previous professional experience, Actions you've taken and Results achieved)

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Could you please mention the salary in the offer? at least approximately.

It is important to have an internal full review of your professional experience and achievements and try to relate them with every single Amazon leadership principles. They're looking for real, innovative solutions you've proposed and focused on results you've obtained. If something is not measurable, is not worthy. Menos


Describe the type of electronic applications you sourced with specifics on the suppliers engaged.

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Afforded many different career experiences relative to electronics and for whom they supported. Menos


JD related

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based on past experience

Various questions on my procurement experience.

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I answered with examples of my experience with procurement tools and processes.

Diversified Distribution Systems

Why do you want to change position?

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I explained the personal reasons that pushed me to try to move from my current company. Menos

Air Liquide

Strategic Decision,Supplier Relation Management,Knowledge about SAP,GLOBAL Experience.Handling of Global Suppliers Good Strategic task,Case study to resolve ,Strategic sourcing and supply chain process

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Excellent,very impressive and quite satisfied by Global Directors.


¿Cuánto tiempo durarías en la empresa?

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La respuesta la tienen ustedes dependiendo de mis logros y el reflejo de las retribuciones hacia mi. Menos

Cornwall Council

They ask generic questions rather than specialist procurement questions to enable them to select certain people

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It does not matter they will appoint who they want


When you interviewed here previously, you did not seem interested in LyondellBasell??

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Response - I am interested in the job opportunity, the COMPANY is generally the same. After 60 days they still have not provided a formal rejection notification. If you have a recruiter working on your behalf you have a better chance at getting an immediate response. Menos

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