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Emirates Global Aluminium
A un Process Technician le preguntaron...13 de mayo de 2015

why do you want to join EMAL

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I wanna learn and know that I heard about some new pots as dx+technology pots and also have got great desire to visit DUBAI and to see BURJ KHALIFA. Menos

Am still Working in Aluminium Bahrain as a Contractor under Line - 6 project DX - ultra technology that's why I want to join EGA for better growth of my knowledge Menos

I'm still working in Emirates aluminum as a Contractor under the NOVA Engineering since 2015 to continue. Menos

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Johnson & Johnson

Do you know any one in this Company? Briefly explain Teamwork and describe what you do at your present work.

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Work well with others

Very hard working !! Very advanced in skills!!

Looking forward to learn new steps!!

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An unexpected, but easy question:What is the frequency of blue LED light?

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Generally 450nm for LEDs

638 Terra Hz

It is the 500Nm range,

Columbia Care

Can you handle heavy 40 hr work week

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Yes absolutely


Are you a Mercy Fit ?

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Yes I am a fit for Mercy, I have high energy I have 8 years in a call center environment. I like to motivate and encourage. Menos

Yes, I am. I can provide all the needs Mercy requests and more.

After realizing what they are asking, I said Yes. I am

Infotree Global Solutions

Tell me about your employment history.

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Was in school so really had none but I am motivated and willing to learn.

I have a 2 years experience in genesys background. I am quite good with genesys inbound, Web Services flow. I am very much interested to learn more and help in fulfilling company goals. Menos


If you absolutely had to meet a deadline, but there was no way the job could be done safely in the amount of time allotted, how would you hand it?

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Ask for additional help, never compromise safety

Ask for additional help

Chevron Phillips Chemical

What kinds of valves have I worked with? What valve is meant for throttling?

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Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve. Globe Valve.

Globe valve is designed for throttling. But you can throttle many valves

Pfizer Ireland

The process was pretty straight-forward. Research the company and know the products they manufacture at Grange castle. Practice competency based questions before the 2 person interview.

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Just wondering is the interview on the same day as the assessment

What questions were asked at the video interview

Mauser Packaging Solutions

how do you feel about working in a hot environment

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it doesn't bother me hot or cold I have experience in both environments

I can with hot environment because I work before in gulf country there is 35to45 Sun hot out door I have work always so I can do? Menos

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