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American Academy of Arts & Sciences
A un Graphic Designer/Print Production Specialist/Web Editor le preguntaron...29 de julio de 2014

I was prepared for that, but there were no difficult questions, just an unexpected one. CEO asked me how I liked the Academy website. My position would include 40% web editing.

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Rather than gush, I took a chance and made a minor negative navigation comment, because I had looked at the site when first asked to come in for an interview. I could tell the CEO liked that. Menos

It went smooth with no difficult or unexpected questions. Anyone can get hired here!

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I was surprised I wasn't asked to complete a skills test. They can help weed out the many bogus people who lie about their work and experience. Menos


Was genau würde Sie an der beschriebenen Stelle am meisten reizen und warum?

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Das Erstellen von Infografiken, da die Vereinfachung von komplexen Sachverhalten und Zusammenhängen eine Herausforderung darstellt. Menos

USC Fashion

Why did I want to design rather than work in social media?

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It is what I studied at university and I wanted to develop as a designer and continue my career on this path. Becoming a junior designer would enable me to practice the skills I had already learnt and continue to grow and expand my knowledge of the industry. Menos


What print and graphic trends have you noticed on the hughstreet?

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I mentioned some of the trend that I believe were important for the season and I was then asked to put together some trend boards for a 2nd Interview Menos


Do I have a mentor?

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No I don't but I would like to have someone who I can shadow and would potentially help me grow in my position. Menos


What level of (Javascript) coding experience do you have?

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None, but I am willing to learn!

Chef’s Plate

General questions about my experience, education, and personal work process relating to the position.

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Honestly. It was a very positive and open conversational interview, a nice change from the strict scripted or corporate interviews. Menos


What would you bring to the role?

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My experience and education etc.....

Sierra House

Can I do print design?

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I've been doing print design for over 10 years.

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