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A un Print Buyer le preguntaron...2 de febrero de 2016

After discussing the job and general interview questions, "Where do you feel you stand regarding the job qualifications?"

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I thought I had high qualifications, given my background and experiences.


How would you handle and event on press that required pushing the final date out for delivery?

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I would contact the account manager to inform them of what the issue is, what are perceived new deadline is and if we will be able to make up any time on press. I would then ask that the account manager inform the client that we may miss their deadline by X amount of time, while letting them know that we are doing everything possible not to. Menos


I was asked a random math question - What's 2% of 10,000. As a buyer, it's important for them to know you can think quickly on the spot.

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I was told by someone else who had intereviewed to brush up on my quick math skills. Menos

R.R. Donnelley

Salary expectation. We were pretty far apart with me being on the high side.


What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses to be?


Nothing was unexpected

ViaTech Publishing

How would you qualify a vendor

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