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A un Principal Engineer le preguntaron...3 de octubre de 2022

All the questions will be based on the role and around the resume mentioned.

Mantel Group

Random technical questions and expectations

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Easy to answer

Sierra Space

How would you catch build interface problems at the design stage?

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Strict interface reviews via Interface Control Document (ICD) review boards early in the process. Menos


After finishing all the rounds & sending docs- They take 2 months to release offer letter. Their TA is pathetic, don't waste time in applying & having hopes


Technical questions related to nature of work such as HAZOP study, SIL classification and Instrument working principle and types. Overall the interview was good.

Capital One

Given a string, check there are exactly 3 question marks b/w the digits and the 2 digits always add up to to 10 else return false.


Didn't take notes, but the level was Leetcode Medium


How will you navigate the political arena?


Discussed with GoDaddy's new features.


coding style and python flask server API coding test

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