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A un Predictive Modeler/Data Mining Scientist le preguntaron...24 de abril de 2015

What was the angle between the clock hands at 3:15.

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7.5 degrees

Zero degrees


nothing difficult up to the second round phone interview

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quite professional

Zurich North America

which part of modeling is the most important?

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Data cleaning stage


Nothing unexpected.

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Not too hard.

Zurich North America

the hiring manager asked my disertation.

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Although I told him I just started my disertation, he insisted on asking me very detail questions which I can't give him a clear answer at that time yet. Menos


What programming languages do you know?

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R, SAS, Python, Java, C++.


All about my resume and projects, right from why you did it, how you did it, did you worked on Big data? worked on image processing etc.


Number of trailing zeros in 100!

Plymouth Rock Assurance

All about data and software application

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