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A un Process and Project Engineer for Steam Power plants le preguntaron...4 de noviembre de 2016

They asked me just some basic questions for namesake- Like what do i do in my current company, what have I done in my previous job etc.

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Dear Ms.Peters, I read your reply. Unfortunately I personally had a very different and a bad experience even though your statistics might suggest a different picture. Though I appreciate your efforts at replying back, unfortunately I am no more interested in any opportunities in Lahmeyer. Nevertheless, I wish you and the company all the best for future. Menos

Rise Technical Recruitment

what is the reason for leaving your previous company?

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I am looking for something new in my job and I want become growth in my knowledge Menos

What is your greatest strength?

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This is a good, straightforward response. You know what you're good at, you sound proud of it, and it's a talent that's valuable in any job. Menos

Iowa Department of Human Services

Do you have any experience with planned maintenance systems?

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Yes, I had to implement from the ground up entire CMMS/PM systems before, Do you have a process in place here? (Answer they gave was No, that will be your job) Menos

Lufthansa Group

Tell me 3 positive adjectives and 3 negative that describe you

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Tell negative points not related with the job.

ACB (India)

What net positive suction head?

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It is the minimum head that must be provided to overcome cavitation

ACB (India)

Positive suction head?

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head given in case that pump is under the water level

City of Ames, Iowa

Do you have experience writing compliance reports for waste water?

Rise Technical Recruitment

what is your role in after joining in my company?

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