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A un Project Management Office (PMO) le preguntaron...25 de noviembre de 2022

Tell me one time you experienced a conflict


Typical q’s, e.g. tell me about yourself?

DHL Express

Experience and competencies especially using project management tools


Experiences that are relevant to the job

Expleo Group

Hablame de ti y sobre tus intereses


Why PwC? Why PMO? Tell me about yourself Tell me about when you faced a challenging situation and what did you do?

Johnson & Johnson

psico-attitudinali, tecniche, motivi al cambiamento


What you did before/ why interest in this position..


Assessment, toekomstvisie, reisbereidheid, kwaliteiten, persoonlijkheid

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Depends on person doing the interview as to what they focused on.

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