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A un Assistant Manager-PMO le preguntaron...24 de septiembre de 2012

Where do you see after 5 years?

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try to be most sucessfull person in your organization

After 5year sucessfull peason in our company

after five years i improve my bestof my knowldge &organisation

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A un PMO Manager le preguntaron...20 de septiembre de 2020

From online test: they give you a coordinate and multiple options, like 8 different countries. This kind of test help them to know if you are habid to find things in Google, but I think this is irrelevant for the position.

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The test has limited time so you have to be fast enough in order to not loose time. In this case you have 8 options (weird for multiple answers). Menos

How is your work going at Bairsdev?

INVIVO Communications

What kind of projects have I managed and the industry that I have worked in? Also describe your PMO experience.

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I had to end the interview, as I asked about the salary. For a Sr Manager PMO, the max they were willing to pay was $100k....hahahaha, initially I thought it was a joke but guess not. They don't seem to be good paymasters. Menos

Thank you for your comments. As a policy we do not communicate the maximum compensation for our open positions, especially during a first interview. We communicate base salary ranges in an effort to ensure alignment but we do not provide specifics until we make an official offer. For the Senior Manager, PMO role there is actually a wide compensation range, based on many factors including years of relevant experience, leadership ability, industry knowledge and culture fit. Menos


Question from the CEO: "Why is your salary less as compared to IT industry standard"

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it is fake

My answer "I have a competitive salary and in fact many of my peers with same experience are paid less than me Menos

CARE Hospitals
A un PMO Manager le preguntaron...4 de septiembre de 2019

Process of over all healthcare

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Explained the procesa

IntegraMed America
A un PMO Manager le preguntaron...20 de noviembre de 2014

If you could meet with someone alive or dead...who would it be and why.

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Just make something up...this place goes beyond outrageous.


How to manage stakeholders and bring them onboard

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To understand what drives them and their portfolio.

Adani Group

They asked question about the work which I never did nor mentioned in my CV.

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I'm very interested on work with this company


How I would make a difference.

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First, I would make a note of the primary challenges and success criteria for the role. Then I would highlight how I performed/succeeded in my previous roles/experience dealing with these challenges. I would clearly elaborate how niche my skills/abilities are in the market/industry and how they help in making a clear difference in this role. Menos

Tell me about a time you managed a team.

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Tell me what you know about Takeaway.

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