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Aspect Software
A un PMO Lead le preguntaron...18 de marzo de 2019

What do you know about Aspect? And why do you want to join Aspect

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Aspect is my dream company, as I have worked on Aspect's product through out my career. I am here to understand how Aspect works and continue to provide with my skills and experience for the betterment of organization & myself. Menos

Tech Mahindra

Why you should be hired.Very good and level of interviews a multifaceted resource is hired. Though it looks tough but frankly it is not so.

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Based on the experience, education, skillset, I am capable for this role and is the best suitable resource. Menos

Tech Mahindra
A un PMO Lead le preguntaron...18 de noviembre de 2014

Interview was simple but focused on proposed position. No tough questions if you have real world experience in managing projects. Excel expertise is sometimes highly questioned. Mostly subjective questions like how to build quality in project, change management scenarios, how to handle change in requirements, resource loading and balancing etc.

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No hard questions if you have real world experience in managing projects.

what value will I bring to the implementation of the project portfolio

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I can provide the full scope of project management and ensure the implementation of the methodology according to the latest PMI standards Menos

PMO Solutions

1. Understanding the position? 2. Understanding clients requirements?

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It went all well due to my circumstances, agreed not to procced further.

Virgin Mobile

Why did you choose this career path

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It was a logical decision to move from technical to program management

Asthma + Lung UK

What did I think the role of the PMO would be in the organisation

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I answered that it should be a facilitating role, providing tools and templates to help support and guide people where necessary. I also mentioned that I would need to see where the organisation needed the most support and where I could add the most value, then I presented on what a PMO should be, showing a basic PMO and then compared that to what excellent would look like. Menos

Lloyds Banking Group

describe how you would deal with this situation......

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real life example required, what the situation was, how you dealt with it, outcome, what could you have done better Menos


Major challenges changing the city.

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The city was very welcoming and have adjusted well

A un PMO Lead le preguntaron...22 de septiembre de 2017

How are you?

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I am fine

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