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A un Assistant Manager-PMO le preguntaron...24 de septiembre de 2012

Where do you see after 5 years?

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try to be most sucessfull person in your organization

After 5year sucessfull peason in our company

after five years i improve my bestof my knowldge &organisation

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RxLogix Corporation

What do you know about the position you are interviewing for?

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Trust me when i say this - the only place i had to face arrogance and humiliation while being interviewed [i was interviewed for qa/ba role for peanuts package] from the 'directors' [AJ princeton office - arrogant to the core and A from india]. I know exactly what you are talking about. Know in your heart its them and not YOU. you are truly blessed to not join in a unprofessional place . I landed somewhere great - thankful to work for a great company with a LOTT better pay. Menos

Trust me when i say this - the only place i had to face arrogance /humiliation while being interviewed in this country is RX logix.I was interviewed for qa/ba role for peanuts package -$50k from the Associate director -AJ @princeton office[Karma is a bad AJ, one day all the bad you have thrown is gonna find its way back to you.] - arrogant to the core - he wouldnt even look at you- same thing cut you off stating you are wrong- he called me for 4 rounds - who on earth would you call someone back to back for several rounds of interviews stating each time they don't like you - thats the strategy they pull so that they can offer you peanut package at the end for working 18+ hours[thats what they were asking]- i was disgusted to the core - literally threw up - the office was not even well litted [saving money maybe!] and their logo was falling off the wall - cheapskates ]. I know exactly what you are talking about. Know in your heart its them and not YOU. you are truly blessed to not join in a unprofessional /unhealthy place . I landed somewhere great - i thank god everyday for being rescued and redirecting me to an amazing company where am valued, very well compensated and looing forward in going eachday .And i do keep a tab on RxLogix - just to know whether karma started showering back - what goes around comes around! Menos

If anyone know ways to reach out to United states government in filing complaints about mental harassement and belittling during job interviews please do post it here . Menos

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Kotak Mahindra Bank

what is risk what is issue what is KPI What is CPI What is SCI

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KPI key performance index CPI consumer performance index SCI Institute for Scientific Information Menos

1.Risk is the chance and probability. 2.ways of threatening someone 3. Key performance indicators.. 4.consumer price index Menos

Risk is defined in financial terms as the chance that an outcome or investment's actual gains will differ from an expected outcome or return Issue an important topic or problem for debate or discussion KPI stands for key performance indicator, a quantifiable measure of performance over time for a specific objective CPI= Consumer Price Index SCI=Selective Capital Increase. Business Menos

FDM Group

There's three bags of marbles. One back contains black, one contains white and one contains black AND white. Each bag is labelled INCORRECTLY. You are to label the bags correctly by only drawing one marble from one bag. Which bag do you draw from? a) bag labelled 'white' b) bag labelled 'black' c) bag labelled 'white and black' d) none of the above

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I'm not sure if this is correct but i said, c. kKeep in mind, the labels are incorrect. Menos

C. the correct label is either white + white or double black, just take one and see the colour of that, you will figure it out Menos

Since ALL labels are incorrect, the answer is C) white and black. That way you know the colour you're pulling from that bag is definitely the colour of all the balls in that bag (since it can't be a mixed black and white ball bag) From there, you just switch the labels around making sure ALL labels are moved to another bag, since they are ALL incorrect at the start. Menos

FUJIFILM North America

HR asked many situational questions about employees, staff situations - good and bad. Hiring manager stuck to the actual work assignment and responsibilities. They make it clear Tokyo has a huge influence on everything - it is a Japanese company.

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Their game continues!

Just gave the info they needed, showed hiring manager portfolio of work - he was quite impressed. HR was difficult and asked unfair questions - after 3 rounds I did not get the offer. Round 3 was strictly HR so they were the culprit in getting me eliminated. Manager expressed dire need for this role but he was denied by HR. Purely horrible process but I've seen worse, believe it or not. Menos

A un PMO Manager le preguntaron...20 de septiembre de 2020

From online test: they give you a coordinate and multiple options, like 8 different countries. This kind of test help them to know if you are habid to find things in Google, but I think this is irrelevant for the position.

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The test has limited time so you have to be fast enough in order to not loose time. In this case you have 8 options (weird for multiple answers). Menos

How is your work going at Bairsdev?


about current profile

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I explained my profile in a smart way.

Trainee programmer

A un PMO le preguntaron...31 de agosto de 2022

Pourquoi venir dans le conseil ? Pourquoi notre entreprise plus qu'une autre ?

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Secteurs d’activité proposés

Diversité des missions. Secteurs d'activité proposés.

Entertainment One

Asked Scenario type questions/methodology

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Too long to go in to here. But typical Project Management responses

Is this a new role or a replacement?

A un PMO le preguntaron...21 de enero de 2017

What do you understand by PMO and what does it do?

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For this I had already prepared my answer with the help of Google and accordingly answer the question. The roles and responsibilities of PMO you will easily get by searching on Google. Menos

PMO is a centralized management structure to establish the project methodologies and to make sure that these methodologies and guidelines are being followed in projects. PMO keeps track of overall project progress and anticipate risks that might hinder the successful delivery of project. PMO facilitates the sharing of knowledge that prevent the other teams to reinvent the wheel and makes the PMO central point for templates, lessons learned and best practices. Menos

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