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A un Pipe Welder le preguntaron...4 de enero de 2022

How long have you welded pipe

Grand Isle Shipyards

Basically wanted to know what I knew that pertained to the job.

Tulsa Welding School

if i was educated for this job

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yes i had two years of learning experience


Twin Rivers Technologies
A un Pipe Welder le preguntaron...16 de septiembre de 2020

length of welding experience?

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5 years welding SMAW and 3 years TIG

UGI Utilities

What experience do you have that will be beneficial in this position

Performance Contractors

Do you have a rain coat?

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years of experiance

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Well I went to school for two years for Tig welding welding aluminum and I did pipe Welding about six months Menos

Do you have experience in this field? Are you willing to start at the bottom?

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yes or no makes no difference. And yes you are willing to start at the bottom. This is all they want to hear because they don't want to pay you much and aren't going to train you to do anything! Menos


how long have you been welding

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I have been welding since 1990

can you pass a weld test?

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I took and passed 3 weld tests

Yes 6g GMAW and GTAW

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