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National Energy Technology Lab
A un Physical Scientist le preguntaron...21 de septiembre de 2022

What was the best presentation you gave?

Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

Do you have experience or knowledge in cold/ hot x-rays?


What is your motivation to join ASML?

Environmental Protection Agency

Tell me about a time you presented technical or scientific information to state regulators. What was the out come? Tell me about your experience reviewing and interpreting scientific data. How did you use this data to form a conclusion? Did the data support your original assumptions? Why the EPA? Why do you want to work in this division? Other multi-part behavioral questions like the example above.

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I answered them based on my previous experiences in similar situations.

Environmental Protection Agency

What is your experience with large data sets?

Element Materials Technology

do you have customer service experience and describe it.


Describe your knowledge of digital signal processing theory.

US Army

Can you work independently?

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How do you handle negotiation and working with regulators?

US Department of Energy

Name three things you learned from your first job? Describe a situation when you were the team leader?

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