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A un Petroleum Engineer le preguntaron...2 de agosto de 2015

How many tennis balls could you fit in wimbledon

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asked for the dimensions and plugged away

290 million in the centre court with roof closed


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How do you plan to make BP better.

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I will talk about all customers' BP products. First, let's talk about the product and then discuss its quality and the benefits of using it. Menos

I am Searching job

by hard work and alot of cometment beside the team work and using the responsible logical thinkig for solving problems Menos

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what is qualification

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Bs Electrical power engineer

Bs electrical engineering

B.E Petroleum Engineering


How do you fit into the company with your petroleum background

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Depends on the EPCC stages of the project and the categories the employment had been considered. To my opinion I myself could do the lead in earthwork to the end of construction or to start from civil affairs till the mechanical completions. Obviously it regards to the discipline the hiring takes place. Menos

Experienced, dependable person with Lng process Work and cost control. Strive to make decisions and be profitable. My background is proof of my dedication and work ethic. Menos


XTO Energy

Please refer to the "Describe the Interview Process".

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Where do you get an application to fill out for security guards for the pipeline in Belmont County Ohio Menos

How can I get an application to fill out for security in Belmont County or Monroe County in Ohio for the security guard position Menos


They didn't ask any difficult questions

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Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

Questions were honorable and reliable to you?

Total Automation Solutions

Explain about artificial lift technology.

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The use of artificial means to increase the flow of liquids, such as crude oil or water, from a production well. Menos

Saudi Aramco

What's the electric submersible pumps?

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An artificial lift method used to lift large amounts of liquids from the wellbore. Menos

Oil and Natural Gas

Q: Whats the difference between material balance & volumetric calculations? Q: What is induction logging used for, can it be used all the times? Q: How'll you control your reservoir flow?...(theres a catch...the control was required in the starting stages of production...not eor...not artificial lift) Q: Name all the units present while drilling is conducted. Q: Whats the difference between kelly and drill pipe?

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The kelly typically is about 10 ft (3 m) longer than the drill pipe segments, thus leaving a portion of newly drilled hole open below the bit after a new length of pipe has been added ("making a connection") and the drill string has been lowered until the kelly bushing engages again in the rotary table Menos

Noble Energy

After they had asked if I had any questions (usually indicating the end of the interview) they asked about a time when there was a specific problem that only I could solve and how I handled it.

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Be honest and concrete. Any engineering details help your case.

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