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A un Performance Manager le preguntaron...16 de marzo de 2016

Taking about your experience in the industry as performance manager.

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Rasalkhaima cement factory work at production area

Rasalkhaima cement factory work at the production area skills laver


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Cognizant Technology Solutions

what are the different stages in performance testing

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Requirements, planning, design, development, testing,implementation, maintenance, Menos


Performance Testing Stages: 1) Identifying the testing environment. 2) Identifying the performance metrics: Performance metrics is very important which determines the parameters on which test has to be performed. 3) Planning and designing the test. 4) Test environment setup. 5) Capturing the data. 6) Analysis and report generation. 7) Retesting: The test is again performed on the same parameters to test if the rectification work is sufficient or needs some tuning. Menos

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How can you improve Adwords?

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it always depended on that how to connect with every person in different states and different countries Menos

By showing ads and and review by viewer

Just allow to add AdWords on domain

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Why might you use SMTP to get large (multi-gig) line-oriented text-based logs from one machine to another?

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How about that SMTP will convert the line breaks for the target OS?

Found excellent read:

SMTP does auto-retry. Also, I believe the fact that logs are text means that SMTP servers are particularly tailored to them. Menos

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Would you be available to speak this week? (probably followed by evil laugh in private considering what happened next)

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to leave a review as we appreciate feedback from all our candidates. Firstly we apologise for the negative experience you’ve had with our recruitment process. There has been a miscommunication regarding the nature of the phone call, it should not have been called an interview as it’s more of a discussion about your expectations for employment. We have passed this feedback on to our Recruitment team and have updated our guidelines to be more clear about the intentions of our phone calls in future. Menos

Hi! I think you’ve missed my point a little there. I understand that it was a screening call but you made an appointment. I made sure that my child is away during this time so I can speak in peace. If you agree a time you either make the call or you cancel. What your employee has done is disrespectful. The nature of the call is beside the point. Menos

And the fact he did it twice. Shocking.

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Tell me about yourself

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disclose background



Royal London

What is that you have done in past and repent for it and would want to do it differently now

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Samsung Electronics

Explain your projects

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I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Menos

Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:



Interviewer did not ask any difficult questions, but seem to focus on the job being more of a clerical position.

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I expressed my superior clerical skills, especially as an Operations, distribution and logistics person. However in the end, he was truly looking for an administrative person to assist him in presenting reports to top management. Menos

Yes air

Yes sir


sql query to find count of students having same last name

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select count(LastName) from employees group by LastName having count(*)>1

Select lastname, count(*) as lastnamecount from students group by lastname having count(*)>1 Menos

select * from Students where lastName in (select s1.lastName from Students s1 group by s1.lastName having count(*)>1); Menos

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