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A un Patent Examiner le preguntaron...22 de julio de 2017

Describe a patent, show differences between few similar patent.

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@Aline Sorry I forgot to answer your first question. I got the invitation around 2 weeks ago. Menos

@Vera How did it go? In what field are you applying ?

@Michael: I applied for biotechnology. The interview went well, but I did not make it to the next round. Probably because my German is not good enough. Unfortunately they have the policy not to give you any feedback... Menos

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US Patent and Trademark Office

If given four projects of equal importance with the same due date, what would you do. Be specific

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just some more info while we all wait(i know this process is painful- ive been through it a few times without good luck, unfortunately) June 13th is the tentative start date for ALL examiners for this round of hiring so that should tell you a lot. i just heard this today and apparently the Supervisors are apparently suppose to turn in their lists by tomorrow so calls/emails obviously follow after that is done. We might hear something later since the start date would be further down the road. i'll keep updating if i find out more or hear back from them. btw, the chemicals and computers i think hear back first and the electrical and mechanicals may hear back later as their interviews were conducted in that order. Menos

I applied for EE position and just received notification that I have been selected. Last name starts with "C" and interviewed on April 13th. It seems that the selections for EE and Comp Science will begin to be sent today. It may take until Friday for HR to finish sending all decisions to the applicants. Best of luck to everyone and very grateful to all who have contributed to this posting. Menos

I interviewed on 4/13 for a BME position and received notification on 5/2 that I was selected. In a follow up email for the Declaration of Federal Employment form, they indicated a tentative start date of 6/13. Hope this info is helpful for those still waiting - good luck! Menos

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US Patent and Trademark Office

Do you what a patent examiner does?

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I had an interview for a ME position in the afternoon yesterday. They asked: 1)What areas are you interested in/minimum starting salary/earliest start date 2)Name a time when you were given a task with a short turnaround time 3)Name a time when you received constructive criticism 4)Name a time you were persuasive to a superior Menos

was told by hr that we should know by tomorrow

when you spoke to HR, did she mean that HR received the selections and theyre getting back to the applicants or the applicants received their selections? Menos

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US Patent and Trademark Office

Name a time you talked to a coworker about something technical that did not have a technical background.

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I interviewed on 6/10 ME for Alexandria, I haven't heard anything since then and my status still referred. Did anyone heard from Alexandria?? Menos

I interviewed back in April and mine still says "referred" fir BME, I emailed HR they stated I was resubmitted for another cutoff date. Disappointing process for me thus far. Menos

For those that have received TOs, wondering your background. I was told on a separate forum that previously out of 14 hired 12 had PhDs. This may be specific to BME but was curious. Menos

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US Patent and Trademark Office

How do you explain technical information to clients?

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Congrats!!. I also got tentative offer yesterday. I have submitted all my paper work, awaiting for my fingerprint taken. Do you get a final offer? My email stated that I'll receive a firm offer with further reporting instruction. Menos

At GS-12 level they will allow you to telework only 32 hrs in 2 Wks. At GS-9 which you can get it in a year, they will allow you only 10hrs in 2 wks. Any one who get firm offer pls update this thread. I've sent my paper work last week Wend. and still waiting for the firm offer. Do any one knows how long it takes to complete background check and suitability determination? Menos

Have you tried contacting the HR rep for your questions? They are generally very helpful and responds to questions promptly. You can either email or call them. Menos

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US Patent and Trademark Office

Tell me about a time something didn't go as planned.

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i interviewed 6/10 ME Alex, i got an email not selected for cutoff dates. did you get something like that? Menos

I did. I read somewhere that there was a glitch or something and everyone got that email. I can't get a straight answer from the HR rep but my understanding is we'll get an email saying yes or no eventually. I don't think the "not selected cutoff date" is a no, but I could be wrong. I'm also ME Menos

i contacted Keisha and told me my application will be reffered to the next cutoff but my usajob account says i am not selected. i am really confused! do you know when they will be contacting people for 6/25 cutoff? Menos

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US Patent and Trademark Office

why you want work here

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I interviewed on Nov 21 for the Alexandria office and have not heard back anything yet. Menos

Did anybody that applied for the biology hear back ?

Was it for the biology ^^^

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US Patent and Trademark Office

How would you handle four tasks of equal priority? How did you cope with a difficult co-worker? Describe a situation/project you had to prepare a technical paper/presentation. Give an example of a time when you had to make a persuasive argument, how did you accomplish it and what was the outcome?

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I called and they said that if you haven't been contacted by now that you were probably not selected and that they were working on getting everyone's status updated. Menos

I had my interview for the mechanical engineering position in Denver on 12/2/14. On 12/22/14, I received a tentative offer. Menos

Called HR. Not selected. Status still showing "Application referred to the Selecting Official". If anyone not heard yet, looks like results are negative. Expect long time for status to get updated Menos

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US Patent and Trademark Office

briefly tell me about the patent examiner position and how your background relates to the position?

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Awesome, what was you cuttoff date nd were you selected the first time ?

Thanks for the info, best of luck

Anyone here still waiting on final decision from uspto? Regards final cutoff 6/25 Menos

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US Patent and Trademark Office

Q: Give an example of a goal you didn't meet and how you handled it.

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Did you get any timeline of when they are going to let you know?

I received OF306 form today. Suppose to be a good sign?

Yep, you get the job. Just fill it up and send it quickly. Then they'll get back to you with offer. Congratulation!!! Menos

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