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A un Patent Paralegal le preguntaron...8 de septiembre de 2016

Why patent field?

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Ronin Staffing

How many years of patent prosecution experience do you have and what did you think of your last contract assignment?

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Over seven years of experience and my last position was extended from six months to one year and completed as scheduled. The company also had lay-offs that happened a month before I left. Menos

Foley & Lardner

Discuss a difficult situation you have had with a former colleague, and how you handled it.

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Usually don't discuss negative things during any Interview


There is some movement on your resume, how come?

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It was earlier on in my career, I was getting settled-in and new to the field.

Fish & Richardson

How would you handle it if an attorney brought you something when you were already swamped with work that had imminent deadlines, and asked if you could do this one thing, and do it by today?

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I would check with each attorney to see which deadline needed to be completed first. Menos

Why I moved to Texas

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Steinfl & Bruno

They had a series of tests

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As best as I could


How many cases do you currently handle?

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(They are looking for a specific number, so make sure you have that info)

Perkins Coie

Are you doing to enjoy doing this job?

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I really believe that no job is big or small. If work makes a positive contribuiton. , I would be very happy to work as an assitant. Menos

Perkins Coie

What functions do you use in Excel?

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