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A un Partner Success Manager le preguntaron...14 de noviembre de 2019

Irrelevant questions such as asking the differences between SMB, mid-market, enterprise.

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typical for what happens when you fill a company strictly with d*mb@$$ Millennials ( pro tip: look at their Glass Door image above ) Menos


Preparing a Dynamics 365 case study for a customer

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Worked on a presentation to showcase Dynamics 365 CRM, ERP & Commerce capabilities. Menos


1. Make a presentation about a new product.

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Made a 10 min presentation about the product I have never seen before


The interviews focused on applicable work history.

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I was able to detail my relevant work history and how it would assist Trintech in achieving their goals for the role. Menos


The questions were basic and very much geared toward my specific job.

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I answered all to the best of my ability.


leadership principals

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Functional fit question depends on who is interviewing you and not a clear process. Menos

Civitas Learning

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Running operations for a technology company.


Critically assess myself

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By using my past and my own personal development, which had prepared me to critically assess myself. Menos


What are the biggest challenges and what do you find easy when working with dealers?

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I was only able to respond with my first sentence before I was cut off and he moved onto the next question. Menos


How do you handle conflict, change and ambiguity?

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I personally gave them an example of a time I had to coach a client through a big company change and how I coped and handled the client's dissatisfaction. Menos

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