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The Coca-Cola Company
A un Outside Sales Representative le preguntaron...11 de octubre de 2016

Tell me of a time you satisfied a previously dissatisfied customer?

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Remain calm. When a customer starts yelling or being otherwise rude, there is nothing to be gained by responding in a similar manner. ... Don't take it personally. ... Use your best listening skills. ... Actively sympathize. ... Apologize gracefully. ... Find a solution. ... Menos

I treat them with respect as with everyone. I listen carefully to lean about their complaint. Then I give them a resolution appropriate to the situation, and ask them if it’s fair or better than fair. Complaints are an opportunity to shine brightly for my company.. Menos

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Why PepsiCo?

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I want build my career with PepsiCo, becoz I have _ years Experience in sales and marketing. How to pitch with Client anf convert totally field work. Menos

Pepsico is a mnc for global level...I want build my career with PepsiCo, becoz I have _4 years Experience in sales and marketing. How to pitch with Client anf convert totally field work. Menos

Because of the good benefits and something different in my life. I'm tired of the food businesses Menos

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Sunbelt Rentals

Are you ok with spending 30k on a new white pickup?

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Please share the actual amount paid. The actual number was never truly spoken. Believe it or not $800 or $900 a month does not cover the costs on a new vehicle at 35,000 miles a year. Payment, ins., taxes, maintenance and tires. I already have a brand new car and own a newer red pickup, the purchase of another new truck does not make sense. If the job does not work out, you now have a 500+ car payment + ins. And taxes. I felt if they want you to drive a specific year and color vehicle they should mention that in the phone screening interview. Have you seen the price of new trucks??!! I am being conservative when I say 30k (+2,100 sales tax). Remember, it cannot be older than five years. If you purchase a three or four-year-old truck you'll be replacing it very soon. The starting pay for this position was also $35,000 with no guarantees. Menos

This is changing this year. They are providing new Ford’s to all outside reps.

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Hattori Hanzo Shears

What's one thing that a salesperson must have?

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Behaviour is most important.and try to customer satisfaction

Thick skin


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What was my time frame for moving to a new position

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2 weeks notice to current employer.

Let me check with my parole officer but likely anytime. I've already been casing the joint for a couple of weeks anyway. Menos

Out of respect for my current employer I would like to give a two week notice but I typically leave it up to them when I put in my two weeks in the car business which I am currently in most times they’ll tell you it’s not necessary if you’d like to go you can otherwise they would appreciate your two weeks very much depending on how well staffed they are. Menos

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Lansing Building Products

There were no questions. This was a complete "switch & bait" tactic and I was extremely disappointed. I was asked to sell myself, and did (just like I always have) and was told by the recruiter that I didn't seem like "I wanted it bad enough". I replied, "if I didn't want the position, I wouldn't be here". He then tried to down-sell me to the Sales Trainee position for $15k less. Why would I accept a position that offers me the same amount of money I currently make, PART-TIME! The whole interview was spent trying to make me unqualified for the position. When every sales position I've ever been a part of (2 in the past 8 years), I've constantly exceeded quota by over 50% and being nationally ranked twice in the president's club. I was more than qualified. Probably, the stupidest most asinine question I've EVER heard in my life was if I played sports and what did I play ( I understand the reasoning behind it - competitive nature, which I understand and have). I told them I played basketball in highschool and had a division 1 offer for college, but had to decline due to injury. I also stated that I am currently a scratch handicap golfer and love the game of golf because it's challenging. The VP's response was "I'm not criticizing you, but golf is a "me-me" sport and I see you as someone that has never been apart of a team. These individuals aren't successful in our business because they're only concerned about themselves This is a team environment and you have to work well with a team to be successful". I replied, first off, isn't your CEO Chris Lansing a scratch golfer? Should he be running the business? ---They laughed I also explained how I just stated I played basketball my whole life and managed sales teams in my career. Why would he just ask me what I did in my current position and what sports I played and then give that type of answer. It was so ridiculously stupid. Additionally, they asked if I wanted a position where I would show up to work in a suit and tie everyday? I said most definitely because I would need to be a professional. They said we discourage that because we do a lot of traveling and you may be meeting someone working out the back of their truck. What the hell does that have to do with anything?! In their job description they wanted someone professional and someone to build relationships with builders. Why would I try to sell something wearing jeans and a polo. BE PROFESSIONAL WITH EVERY CLIENT TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, regardless of the industry. This company had no idea what or who they wanted and spent the entire time telling me I was unqualified and more suited for the Sales Trainee position. They never asked about my skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions/goals, etc. Only ME ME ME ME ME, you won't work, here's another position that offers less money and the same responsibility..... ***another dumb answer from their part - I asked what's the biggest challenge in your industry? I know in my current position it was customer traffic and price-point effectiveness. The branch manager's reply was "hiring the right people". You mean to tell me that due to the housing bubble, the economy and decrease in home values, that YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IN THE INDUSTRY is hiring the right people. That said enough for me...They're obviously not good at what they do and can't hire the right person to save their life, so why would I want them to hire me EPIC FAIL ON LANSING BUILDING PRODUCTS PART

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Don't spend time wondering about THEIR lack of professionalism. Be happy you dodged a bullet! Menos

Yeah, you're exactly right....That's a great way of thinking about it....On to the next! :) Menos

They are so unorganized & it’s a wonder how they are still in business.

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If you are happy with current employer in same industry, doing same job, why are you seeking a position with their competitor?

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followed by " is that a pattern we expect from you in 3 or 5 years?"

its irresponsible to assume A DEFINITTE answer to a future unforeseen event, there are many factors that can happen in management and the nature of the business that affects our decisions as an employee on a daily basis , so to simply committ blindly without weighting your options is dangerous . one cannot just assume my intent as simply working for the competitor perse , something have influenced my decision one way or another . But the short answer for me is, If i am happy at my current employer theres NO reason for me to look elsewhere. Menos


How would you handle a hostile merchant?

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By ensuring that I would get to the bottom of the issue, and doing whatever I could to reverse the hostility, and make the merchant feel my sincerity about the situation and trust that the issue will be resolved Menos

By correcting the problem, and making sure the merchant is pleased with the situation, Menos

Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

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Traeger Pellet Grills

describe yourself

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that was very personal, and I described my job history, and my hobbies

Extremely motivated. Love to sell. One of my passions is cooking excellent BBQ. I am one you can count on in any situation. I love to interact with people and make new friends. I am also a perpetual achiever. Menos

Please give me the opportunity to interview for this job. You will be very pleased. Menos

Kimball Midwest

Why did you work at Fastenal for so little pay?

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Because I was told I could make 4 to 5 times what was possible. This was approved and when I had my best month selling 150% of my goal and making $500 in commission. Out of 32 stores if you didn’t work at the top two you would not make more than 30,000 a year more like to know about 20 to 25 Menos

I didn’t know this would be the situation and I was told I could make twice that when I started Menos

I didn't realize I could do better. Fastenal kinda beats you down.

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