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A un Procurement Specialist- Order Management Division Romania le preguntaron...3 de marzo de 2014

Tell me if you are professionally better or worse than your ex-colleague which has recommended you. The answer had to be done with my ex-colleague near me at the interview table.

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Sorry for the -1. It supposed to be +1

It was the only question of the interview and no any additional comments or explanations were accepted but one single word better or worse. Menos

Hello guy, I don't know you but if you think this was a rude interview then you didn't do your homework brfore going to the interview. The point of interviews at Schlumberger is mainly to test your personality. Not your accademic or professional records. They already know that you have the accademic background. That's why you got invited to the interview. And i think your experience was the perfect set up to see how you react under pressure. To see if you "feel confortable being unconfortable." LOL. I interview at SLB Bucharest in Feb 2013, and my interviewer was chating on his PC while discousrsing simultanously with his colleague. He also used the words A**hole and B*tch a couple of times. This is to test your personality. And when the ask you a question say you have two options of answers, there is actually no right. they are trying to conner you and see how you react under pressure. Again as i said test of personality. And when they do all the other stuufs while you talking about yourself ( as if they don't care), it is actually to see how focus you remain when distracted. Sorry it was a bad experience for you. I found it exciting and i really respect your recruiting technique. Sniky but effective. ANNNNNDD, don't leave the one-on-one interview without asking questions of yours. And this directly to the interviewer. Try getting back at him (NOT fight him). Questions like, what was your worse experience so far as and engineer for SLB (i asked that). And if he says why ( which he said in my case), I replied ""Cuz i know even dream jobs have their ups and downs. I love slb and am excited about it, so i want to sneak pic in the live of an slb engineer and you are here so? Well, he didn't answer, but he liked it. Hope my comments help. Menos

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strength, weakness ... What do you regret most ...

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quick learning ,i ll do work



Scenario questions, be prepare with examples

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The want you to use the start method

Hi could you be more specific on the scenario questions, was it related to the job description? Thank you Menos

Dominion Energy

When will you be able to start?

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Within 30 days


Are you comfortable with this very low salary range?

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GE Healthcare

After what time should an employee change position?

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We agreed on two years.

Hitachi Vantara

What are you looking for in the employer?

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Supportive as much as possible. Help to grow.

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Why do you want to work for our company?

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I was interested in the company due to its international presence.


What was a time that you were stressed? how did you deal with it

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I responded by saying i took my goals and put them all on a list and sorted it out by importance and which goals i wanted to achieve. Menos

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You are in sales department and you had promised one of your customer 3 months of free subscription for service but the billing department has billed the customer for free service due to miscommunication and customer is angry on you and our company how would you convince your customer in this situation and what steps do you suggest for company to be taken so that in future this kind of incidents don't repeat

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Use of artificial intelligence and modern technology tools

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