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A un Optical Design Engineer le preguntaron...18 de noviembre de 2021

Tell me about your previous design roles

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I explained all the previous projects I had done. The problem I had to solve and how I solved it. Menos


1st question from projects on my resume. How did you measure surface roughness with laser speckle and what is the limit? What was the obscuration ratio in the Cassegrain Telescope type laser beam expander?

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-Surface roughness measurement is limited especially by the wavelength used in laser speckle... -%11 obscuration ratio was fine in my Cassegrain system design Menos


Proposed a situation with a glass mirror/aluminum base device being attached to a mechatronic machine. How would you reduce the effect of the machine's noise on the attached device? What do you picture the first mode shape to look like?

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I responded to increase the frequency to reduce the effect of noise. I was at a loss as to how to describe the first mode shape. Menos

There were no questions asked about my professional history, no technical questions, or any interest in my background. They didn't even care to ask what I was currently doing or why I was leaving my job. The entire interview was centered around the work going on there and why I should work there. It seemed very much like they just needed engineering bodies to work on random projects.

IMEC (Belgium)

Talk about your last work experience


The interview was very casual and not difficult at all. The questions were very general, CV related and about the motivation to work with them.


- Waarom kies je voor ASML? - Wat zouden je vorige werknemers zeggen dat je meest positieve eigenschap en je meest negatieve eigenschap is?


Your weakness, which was pretty unexpected


How do you use SEM? How do you build a laser? What is your approach to build an optical setup to measure a product's parameters considering some constraints?

Cisco Systems

The questions are all related to optical networks

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