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Central Transport
A un Operations Supervisor le preguntaron...18 de junio de 2014

I can only offer 50K for a salary. Is this acceptable?

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Signature Flight Support

How did i handle irate customers

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Use MY best listening skills. Listening patiently can defuse a situation, as long as the customer feels acknowledged in his or her complaint Menos

Listen and see what is the real problem to fix

I would find out why they were irate,what can i do to resolve the problem

Let me know if you drink or smoke, if I find out myself I'll fire you

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Horizon Media

What is your typical work day like where you are currently employed?

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Sorry didn't mean to down-vote, I found this very helpful, thank you!

There is a list of daily tasks I must accomplish but the day-to-day is not always the same since I work with multiple clients. (I gave examples of situations I am currently facing and how I am handling them). Menos

XPO Logistics

Describe managing people older than you.

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Every associate has a different approach to their workload, be it older or younger. As a leader you have to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are, by being approachable and seen, also by learning what their job functions are. This will make them feel more comfortable and you will earn their respect in the future. Menos

How do you handle under stress and pressure.

Norfolk Southern

Describe a quality that makes you a fit for this position?

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My adaptability gives me the ability to learn quickly and become a SME.

I have a background in management, have a background in steal fabrication, quality scheduling and maintenance Menos

Republic Services

so why do you want to get into the trash business?"

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Did you get the job in West Grove?

I believe its a secure, recession resistant industry. Regardless of it being trash it still requires all aspects of operations, logistics, sales, safety, etc. Menos

Iron Mountain

The most difficult question was regarding future family planning.

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future family planning ? As in , if you plan to have a life outside of work "Neeext".. Uggh! Menos

That's illegal to ask

Utah Transit Authority

What is you leadership style like?

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MicroManaged Most upper level jobs are hired from within, and they seem to know who they are going to hire before the process starts. so they just go through the motions. Menos

Yes, this is true, especially in the Salt Lake and Mt Ogden bus business units. Timpanogos, however, is one business unit where they actually are promoting quality supervisors who didn't have to kiss someone's hind end in order to get the job. Menos

DHL Supply Chain

How would you rank these three terms on their importance to you? Profitability, Safety, Efficiency.

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1. Profitability 2. Efficiency 3. Safety. I don't think this is what they were looking for, but the interviewer did indicate that there was no right answer. If I could go back, I would place Safety at #1. Safety for a big business like Exel is very important. Menos

Safety, Efficiency, Profitability. No matter what, safety must go first.

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