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A un Program Manager - Operations le preguntaron...23 de diciembre de 2019

Gave me scenario and asked to explain what will you do if that situation

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I used past work experiences to answer the question.

if i caught in the cctv i record it from the start to the end for evidence create a report or immediately report ro may duty officer Menos

if i caught in the cctv if I saw someone on cctv who stole from the store or had an accident i record it from the start to the end for evidence create a report or immediately report to may duty officer Menos


Tell me about yourself and how do you think your experience will add value to this role?

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Focus on skill-sets that are relevant to the job.

How do you prioritize multiple projects with time sensitive deadlines?


Be prepared to answer behavioral & Project Management related questions.

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This isn't a interview question example



How would you manage a last mile transportation problem?

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I applied STAR process.


How do you think your background will help you in this role?

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Glassdoor UX can be improved


Name a time where you have failed.

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It was difficult for me because I could not think of anything, so I just talked about my semester where I got bad grades because I overwhelmed myself with too much work. Menos


It seems that the their team has the previous colleague to hire, your interview is just to fulfil their HR's metrics. The question is very normal but the interviewer wore a pair of colourful glasses about your previous companies. Per my understanding, not the most smart person are hired by G, they are trying to find culture aligned candidates.

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Use STAR method to answer questions. I am trying to answer in straightforward mode, that's why I failed Menos


How would you go about sorting which countries sold the most of good x in year y?

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Used SQL left join queries


Mostly resume based questions. Know the numbers on your resume and have data and details to back them up. One sample case study was given which was quite easy.

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What was the case study on?


Why do you want to work at Apple? What do you bring to the team that is unique? Are you OK with travel (50% was in the JD, they made it sound like more). They asked a couple of other brain teaser questions that were fun. I was in the ballpark with the answer, so they walked me to home plate.

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To work with the best.

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