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BJ's Wholesale Club
A un Produce Clerk le preguntaron...12 de julio de 2017

What are the best contributes of an employee of BJs?

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Having acknowledgment of all depts of the building

To put members first

Members first

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Avantguard Monitoring

Sometimes Data Entry can be kind of monotonous. Are you okay with a lot of repetition in your job?

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In my opinion, repetition isn't necessarily a bad thing. By doing work that is somewhat repetitious, you can focus on providing excellent customer service to those who are calling in. Menos


Repetition is good in a data entry position. When you are repetitive, you learn the fields your data needs to go to and you can input much more in a timely manner Menos

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Twist Bioscience

What is your Clerical speed?

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52-54 wpm was my response

Hi! I applied for the Data Entry position and interviewed me via Telegram. The interviewer said that I have done well and that she will forward my answers to her superiors for review and consideration. Would like to know about your experience on the first week working on this role. Thanks. Menos

that was a scammer pretending to be someone from this company.

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Give us three reasons why you should be hired.

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I take great pride in my job. I have ten years of cashiers experience. I'm a very hard working individual. Menos

I enjoy working with customers.

I have five years of customer service experience

Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals

After the job details were presented I was asked if I could perform the job.

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This was a complete fraud. I will always go with my gut from now on. I went as far as receiving a check from the fraudsters. The check arrived printed on COPY PAPER but I went a head and verified with the bank noted anyway. Menos

Hi, I was just wondering how did it go after the job acceptance? I just went through the same process earlier today however I too am skeptical.. Menos

US Postal Service

What is safety to you?

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Using caution is very important to me and the others around me. Performance of my job as Im instructed should be done to the best of my ability Menos

something that must be strictly followed.

safty is the first priority.

Fry's Food

You are stocking a shelf and a customer passes you, what would you do or say?

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I would say hello, and ask if they needed help finding anything

I would say hello, and ask if they needed help finding anything

I would say hi and ask them if they needed help finding what they are looking for and provide them with valid information Menos

Tenderloin Housing Clinic

Can you give me an example of "harm reduction" situation on site that you may or may not have solved while during your shift?

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When some one has anxiety the go into a panic sock and descalate the situation and everything and they go back to claim and collective Menos

LOL that’s is not the question, maybe why you did not get the position. What is your understanding of Harm Reduction? When have you had a problem with a co-worker/supervisor, how did you resolve it and what was the outcome? Menos

Wynn Resorts

How would you say your relationship with your last employer was , and why did you leave?

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No detail, but your ability to be a team player will be judged. Be friendly, and professional. Greet everyone you see warmly until the interview. Menos

Great company to work, Very good care of employees, safety and security of guests and employee above and beyond compliance. I left the company on my own request because of 12 yrs in water only and wanted to accept new challenges on land for rest of my Life. Menos

I am in the best of terms with my employer. My 24 years in public service will speak for itself. My employer had given me full trust and confidence in delivering the best services to our clients. I left my job because I really need to join my wife here in the US. Menos

A un Clerk le preguntaron...13 de abril de 2014

what is your greatest strength and weakness

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Unity and misunderstsnding

Unity and misunderstanding

I am good truck experience 12 year old..I am working in time table.... Menos

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