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MoD Govt of India
A un Office Staff le preguntaron...4 de febrero de 2013

Had to join duty in a place far away from my hometown

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Sorry sir because I am at that time in Punjab

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You seem quiet....does that mean you're dumb? I'll probably hire you. Do you think you're smart enough?

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No and yes.

They would never ask something like that lol

You would think

S. Abraham & Sons
A un Office Staff le preguntaron...29 de septiembre de 2019

Describe a situation where you had to deal with a negative coworker? What did you do to resolve it?

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I would try to talk to him in a soft positive manner to see if we could resolve it. If not I would talk to a manager an let him know about the situation and see if they can solve the issue. Menos

Ignore coworker


There are a lot of situation questions "What would you do if...."

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The answer to almost all of them was tell a manager.

If they ask What would you do if a customer was rude? A good answer is I would calmly and politely try to solve the problem the customer had but if the customer would not stop being rude and was holding back other customers I would tell them to kindly to speak to the manager. Menos

United Group

There wasn't a difficult question, or an unexpected question since there weren't many questions.

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After three months of PT employment I become FT, and within a week I was given additional job responsibilities from a resigning employee in a different department. Menos

I have not given the interview right now so can t say any thing


Why do you want to be a part of Regal?

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Because I want to have more and better experiences in customer service. *your answer cannot be "because I think it's fun and I get to watch free movies" or else you will most likely not get the job. Menos

I not only love movies but I would like to get out into the workforce to gain more experience and necessary skills. Menos


Why do you think we should hire you?

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Just explain your strong points, try to apply it to a related scenario.

I am a quick learner, I will complete all tasks given, and be dedicated to my work while giving good customer service. Menos

Converge ICT Solutions

Why should I hire you?

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Because I can work under pressured, I can do the task independently. I can finish my task within the day. Menos

i am a fast learner and self motivated, you won't have any problem with me when it comes to my attendance and behavior, and i guarantee you that i will be able to do what is being asked of me, and i will give my 100% to your company Menos


How would you handle an angry or upretty customer?

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I have my interview this sunday O; at the same movie theather this helps !

I would just remain calm and try to figure out what the problem was and try to help them as best as I could. Menos


Describe your self.

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Having to answer this is extremely hard. It shows the manager how well you prepared, and how well you can articulate your answers. Menos

If you have no experience talk about what you did in high school and tell them good qualities about yourself and if you want to tell them a hobby or two you have picked up. Such as; I graduated from ______ high school where I was in photography club and helped out in stage crew. Many people consider me to be responsible, team oriented, diligent and very caring. Also, my main hobbies are writing, watching movies and photography. Menos

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