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A un Office Administration Assistant le preguntaron...28 de noviembre de 2022

How did you know about this opportunity?

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I knew about this position on Linkedin.

E-Talent Network

Questions were about experience and availability

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Make a cultural program for the upcoming team week in HQ of Videoly, the style is free

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I have made a creative program for this


Naast het bespreken van de (tijdelijke) opdracht, kwam kennis en kunde aan bod, Maar was er voldoende ruimte om aandacht te schenken aan de persoon (kandidaat) zelf.

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Ik ben de gehele procedure mezelf kunnen zijn, het voelde vertrouwd. Helaas ben ik vanwege het tijdelijke karakter van de functie niet op hun aanbod ingegaan. Menos


Tell us more about yourself

Seattle University

1. Introduce yourself. 2. Why interested in this position. 3. Tell us how you arrange an event.

Can you sort in Excel. Can you alphabetize in Excel. Can you do a SUM function in Excel. I thought we were going to take Excel out to dinner or something.

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Yes, and any other Excel questions can be answered with a google search.

White Lodging

What are your goals with a company?


Why would you be a good fit for the role?


Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision within a short amount of time.

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