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Orange County (California)
A un Office Assistant le preguntaron...30 de septiembre de 2023

How to deal with emotional customers

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Be patient and helpful

Veeam Software

Question about personal and educational background and how do they relate to the role.

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I explained my personal and educational background and ambitions and how they relate to the role. Menos


Tell us about yourself Why do you think you are the best candidate for this position What are your strengths and weaknesses Tell us about the time you faced a difficult challenge and how did you handle it

RELEX Solutions

As the company have 5 core values, what your core values are?

Tell me little about yourself.

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Discuss my past jobs and answer as best as possible.

Swiss Re

Are you familiar with a particular program?

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No, I don’t but willing to learn. Training will be provided.


Have you ever had to cross ethical boundaries at work due to job demands?


Basic normal questions you would expect

A Cheerful Giver

Skill level in Qickbooks and excel

Optimal Satcom

They only asked questions about my resume.

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