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A un Junior Network Operations Center Engineer le preguntaron...16 de enero de 2017

Describe OSI layer and its importance

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Briefly indicate the 7 layers and explain it

TE Data

Why you want to leave your current employer?

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looking for the best to satisfy my passion in my career mission.


What is the 7 OSI Layers?

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Bottom up.... [Application] Away [Presentation] Pizza [Session] Sausage [Transport] Throw [Network] Not [Data Link] Do [Physical] Please Menos


What is the command to check the disk space in Linux?

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Answered as "df -h"


What command line tools could you use to get information about a website's IP address?

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I mentioned host and dig, but forgot nslookup.


Does life fascinate you?

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Of course, otherwise I would not spend any time giving interview here


Are your writing skills good as you will be sending notifications

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Macquarie Group

based on ospf bgp f5 asa / checkpoint / paloalto firewalls

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aas per my experience


What is the difference between router and switch?

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Switches are mac address base but routers are ip base

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who referred you to this position?

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a former colleague and is now working in your organization,

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