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A un Network Operations Center Technician I le preguntaron...27 de noviembre de 2018

How did you deal with difficult customers and tell me about your previous job experience?

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I am passionate for my work and always listen to them and assist them as best as possible in order to resolved their issues and concerns. If I can not fix the issues I do a follow up call during the same day or next day to look for solutions. Menos


How do we know you will be loyal to the company and stay for more than 2 years working in here?

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I am very focused in the CCNP certification career path and I want to work at stable place where I have the change to grow and learn about new technologies and skills. San Jose, San Jose Please go early because there is traffic congestion. Try to be there 30 minutes before the interview. Eat well and go relax with a positive attitude to grow. Menos


What is your favorite pizza topping.


What are some projects you are working on in your current position?

To describe an issue that I have overcome in the past technical or not, that taught me something I would later go on to use again.

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