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Class Technology Solutions
A un Network Manager le preguntaron...12 de enero de 2018

Command line to flush dns

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Ipconfig /flushdns

test has changed now cheater.


What is a simple device used in DWDM circuits to "cool" a signal.

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I stated that I was not familiar with the term "cool" a signal. Perhaps if she had asked how one reduces power levels on an optic signal, I would have answered correctly. Menos

I've only heard of an attenuator being used to weaken the DB level on fiber.

Harbor Freight Tools

Design a DR strategy on the whiteboard.

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I did my best attempt to diagram a DR strategy based on the minimal details I knew about their environment. Menos

I once interviewed there a long time ago, they wanted me to talk to 20 people at that place. Any company that can't decide to hire you unless you speak to that many people is obviously a dysfunctional cr@@ppy place to work Menos

Healthcare Services Group

Why I wasn't working at the moment

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I was in school

Just 2 months ago I came to usa


Name 5 fiber optic connector types.

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I only knew of SC & LC.

Also FC and MPO

Edyounet Teleclassrooms

What should we do if you are not working as per companies needs?

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Ask me why i am not working

Elysian Hotels

The General Manager gave me a scenario where I was passing a guest at the "Grand Stairway" and she was pulling luggage while carrying a baby. What would I do?

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I said that I would greet the guest and introduce myself. I would then offer to assist in any way (i.e. carry luggage or assist with the bags). As a parent, I made mention that I wouldn't ask to carry the child as that puts the guest in an uncomfortable position of offering up their child to a stranger. Menos

overall performance improvement ideas

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firstly will analyse the available resources then will look for feasible solutions. Menos


They asked me if I had any experience with Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sales systems.

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At the point, I only had a very little experience with an open source POS system. Menos

IF I was able to let other do their job

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Yes, I am not a micro manager

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