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CMS Info Systems
A un Network/Systems Administrator le preguntaron...25 de mayo de 2017

what is linux?

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it is a operating system. :)

After you got selected did they asked you to pay any amount for training?

Computer Networking General Knowledge

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Assalam o alaikum

Innovays Business Services

do you know how to install OS?

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I was asked what i was doing before i did applied to the organisation

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i was system administrator and a tutor


past experience

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no as such

Viz Media

Have I ever used Cyrus IMAP mail server

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My answer was no

Odan Laboratories

Are you OK with helping to do other tasks, like move this conference table.

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I said Yes I'm OK with that, and thought this is a huge table, we are going to need a lot of stronger people. I'm going to be doing a lot more than managing a network. Menos

Odan Laboratories

We offer 2 weeks vacation and 2 sick days. Are you OK with that.

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I said Yes, I'm OK with that. I thought 2 days sick a year is crazy.

MicroSourcing International

Whats the different of full and incremental Back up?

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A full backup is a total copy of your organization's entire data assets, which backs up all of your files into a single version. An incremental backup covers all files that have been changed since the last backup was made, regardless of backup type Menos


Have you ever had a problem maintaining your security clearance?

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