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A un Music Director le preguntaron...16 de septiembre de 2016

What are you doing on Saturday the third Saturday in December ? What is your educational background and experience ? Are these days and evenings and weekends perfect for your schedule ?

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I'll be going to watch my daughter dance in the nutcracker .

Do you follow the liturgical calendar ?

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I said I did not . I said I based my preference is upon calendar holidays and days of the year , That have special important meeting . Menos

Why did I want the position? How many people attended the services where I held a similar position? Was there a split between contemporary and traditional services? What was my position on theology?

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I answered I applied for the position to make a contribution. It was part time and I had heavier experience in what would be considered a more lucrative field. I had done very similar work for 3 years but with a young adult population. Menos

Paramount Pictures

The recruiters asked me out of the box questions like what I was like in high school. I've never been asked that before but they wanted to see if I was well rounded, a leader, etc.

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The job was put on hold so it ended up never being filled.

What do you want out of this position?

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I told him I wanted to succeed. To grow. To give my client everything they want from us, and do it in a beneficial way to the company. Menos

Warner Music Group

Describe your financial reporting experience?

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I automated the financial reporting of the monthly results by product line at Sony Music. Menos

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Are you willing to accept change?

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Adevarul Holding

why do you want to work here

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many questions not related to the job

This school is set up in teams (6red, 6blue, etc). What is your experience with this?

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Unfortunately I didn't have that type of experience at my last place of employment so I gathered experiences from college and community and told them about those. Menos

Catholic Charities of The Archdiocese of Washington

"How do you grow music ministry?"

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