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Holt Lloyd International
A un Multimedia Designer le preguntaron...8 de febrero de 2019

Do you have a car?

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This was the make or break question. Unfortunately because I did not have a licence, I was not offered the position as the role involved travelling to and from locations. Menos


How experienced are you in Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline?

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Honestly I had never heard of those programs. I told them as much and added that I'm used to the adobe interface(s) and should be able to pick it up pretty quick. This was apparently enough for them as Adobe Captivate was 95% of my responsibilites. Menos

Zebra Technologies

did you use a database to fill in form fields for the trading cards project in your portfolio?

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I only made 16 cards (she thought she was so clever).

RealTek Semiconductor Corp

IC design question (use truth table you can answer it easily)

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truth table

University of Texas at San Antonio

Why I wanted to leave my current job

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Was on the look for career growth

Northrop Grumman

Specific experience in producing online training discussed.

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Outlined experience. Very little discussion in corporate process centered on team dynamics and other things that should have been highlighted. Menos

Hanna Instruments

If I was certain I wanted to work in this kind of creative role for a company that is focused on industrial products.

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I enjoy doing media. The subject matter of the media is not what concerns me most, just that I get to continue tuning my skills. Menos


Why do I want to work for AdRoll

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Career advancement, positive working environment and increase skills through training and mentorship. Menos


What type of design do you like?

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Modern design, with a bit of artistic flare every now and then. Always keep things minimalist and delightful Menos

Common Thread Collective

Asked a lot of stock HR questions that seemed to be begging for certain character traits. Very awkward and not pertinent to the work. Left me feeling confused if not traumatized.

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Curious to know what the hour test was like?

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