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FedEx Ground
A un Mig Welder le preguntaron...25 de septiembre de 2022

Didn't tell me anything about recruitment

Cornerstone Building Brands

When could I start working for them?

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I said immediately then I had my old job get ahold of me and ask me to come back to work for them so I did. I regret that decision and wish I could go back and work for Cornerstone. Menos

Meyer Utility Structures

Can you weld nuts and clips?

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Of course I can what you mean

National Cart Company

Attendance and reliability were the highlighted talking points.

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Told them I was interviewing for a position that i enjoy and that attendance and reliability on my end would be no problem. Menos

Mancor Industries

What made me become a welder and why I chose their company.

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My father is the main reason I wanted to become a welder because he is one. I needed a better job with more money and better hours then what I was being offered as a waitress. Menos

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