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Logan Health
A un Medical Transcriptionist le preguntaron...17 de mayo de 2018

Would I be willing to rotate working weekends?

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Yes, I would do so. However, once hired they demanded I make another 1000 mile round trip to get work equipment. Because I could not do this, they withdrew their offer. Deceptive and/or incompetent management who cannot or will not think "out of the box." I wasted 2 months and $1000.00 dollars of my meager savings just to be misused and deceived. Menos

I might add this employer attempted to force-vaccinate me as employers around the country are now doing in ever increasing numbers, even though objective studies not financed by drug companies show little to no benefit from the flu vaccine and a significant risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome in adults. Before anyone tries to use the canard that I'm not educated enough to understand vaccination, tell that to the hundreds if not thousands of RN's nationwide who are refusing flu vaccine and being fired for it. They've seen the effects and want no part of it. Menos


Actually very simple questions were asked like.. tell me about yourself, what did you understand about Transcription and why do you want to become a Transcriptionist

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transcription is the process of converting speech into written or electronic text document. There are different types of transcriptions like phonetic transcription, orthographic transcription and medical transcription. In medical transcription we're dealing with the documentation of patient's medical record. Menos

Is their any agreement in this compnay


Availability of when you can work (1st, 2nd, 3rd shift)

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Which ever would keep me the busiest to earn the most money.

Am not interested in working for this company. I have and they no longer employ anyone who resides in California. Menos

Quest Diagnostics

Do you have experience with anatomic pathology?

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I replied that I did, to a limited degree.



No questions where asked of me, see above

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very poor hiring processes 5 years ago and worse now, hiring very inexperienced and language deficient staff. A detailed resume was required along with references, which were checked. Menos

Command Health

What kind of work types I was comfortable with.

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I said I was comfortable with most work types and also commented on which ones I liked the best. Menos


The statement was they wanted 99%-100% accuracy. One of our girls asked what if you don't achieve that right away, would you be dismissed.

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They would coach you. Then the same one of our girls asked if you still were up to 99%, they said they would dismiss you. However, I recently had surgery and asked for my hospitalization reports. The two that I received typed by Nuance had nonsensical sentences in both of them, and I am hearing the same from friends of mine who are trying to code their reports. They may not leave blanks, but there are sentences that don't make sense. Menos


How do your professional and educational goals align with this position?

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Tailor your response to having a future career in medical technology and you're a shoe in. Menos


Do you have pathology experience?

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No, I have done many specialties, but pathology was not one of them. Very eager to learn - they gave me a shot! Menos

Silent Type

How long have you known the person who referred me. There weren't really any questions, since you wouldn't be there unless you had been hired?

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It was actually for training and not even a real interview.

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