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A un Medical Scribe le preguntaron...24 de febrero de 2018

When have you gone out of your way to help out a co-worker/customer?

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All the time, i don't see it as going out of my way; Always a helping hand.

What a joke. When has the employer ever lend a hand to the staff??? Quick to ask about it, but does nothing! Menos


IDS Infotech Limited

Do you know what is Advil?

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Any more idea on questions??

It's ibuprofen


Crystal Run Healthcare

What experience do you have?

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How long after your interview did they reach out ?

PhysAssist Scribes

Since you will be working in an ER, how would you react to a loss of a life?

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I said: "I do not know. I have been lucky to not experience this in person. Yes, I may have lost loved ones but it is an entirely different experience. I know that this comes with the job and each person handles it differently. I do not know what my reaction will be the first time I experience this but I know I will be able to cope with it in a healthy way. Menos

I would react to the lose of a life with compassion and willing to help and pray for the families as much as possible and just be there to show them comfort with the lose of their loved one Menos


Tell me about your favorite movie? Why should everyone watch it?

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My ideas about the movie "JOKER" and its plot.

What's the process after interview?


What are some of your strengths

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being able to deal with stress. Showing compassion towards patients

Being able to keep a smile on my face even when times at work gets hard.


Why do you want to be a scribe?

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I want to be a scribe in order to get direct patient contact in a clinical setting. Exposure to the medical terminology and clinical presentations will better prepare me for both the classroom and clinical components of medical school. Menos

-Helps improve proficiency in medical vocabulary -Become acquired to environment in healthcare -Allows a deep connection to a doctor. Menos

Scribe America

Q. How would you manage a Stroke patient?

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I doubt prospective scribes are expected to know all that...good to know it nonetheless Menos

C.A.B, Assess stroke, Activate EMS, Attach pulse oximeter, Take brief history, perform breif Neuro exam, Get a Non Contrast CT - Head , Assess if the patient is applicant for Fibrinolytic therapy etc Menos

Scribe America

What is your ultimate goal?

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Become a doctor and enter the research field.

Aquity Solutions

What is your availability ?

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Team leadership and good adaptability

Any time when youre available

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