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A un Office Manager Medical Management le preguntaron...31 de agosto de 2021

Was sind ihre persönlichen Wünsche und Vorstellungen für die Zukunft?

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Erfahrungen zu sammeln und daran zu wachsen. Niemals „Stillstand“ zu erleiden aber insbesondere „Zufrieden„ zu sein -mit mir, meiner Umgebung und den Menschen die mich umgeben sowohl privat als auch geschäftlich. Menos


Have I managed a fast paced environment before.

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Chicago Cardiology Institute

If the drive would be a problem.

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I told them no, where I live you have to expect that since I choose to live in a very rural area. Menos

Comprehensive Pain Care of South Florida

What can I contribute to the practice

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Innovative creative experience

American Family Care

How would I handle a patient complaint? How would I handle employee arguments? Am I okay with jumping in and helping with clinical duties?

The Oregon Clinic

Nothing was difficult the entire experience

Puget Sound Home Health

I see you live at (insert address), and the position is in Tacoma. are you prepared to make the commute? A more appropriate and legal way to ask this question would be something like "Regular attendance and punctuality are essential functions of this job in order to carry out the primary responsibilities. Are you able to fulfill this requirement?


Their questions were very standard; none were too difficult.


Communication, and handling provider's concerns.

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