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John Muir Health
A un Medical Assistant for Physician's Office le preguntaron...11 de julio de 2012

Where are EKG leads placed (not the exact question, but pretty close)?

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EKG electrodes are placed on the RL, RA, LL, and LA. As well as 6 electrodes on the chest (V1-V6). The RL is used as a ground, but an electrode is still placed on it. Although there are only 10 electrodes, they measure 12 leads. Leads I II & III, aVR aVL & aVF, and then V1-V6. Hope this helps!! Menos

Multiple choice.

I am not positive but, I will answer to the best of my knowledge. They have to place those sticky devices with the wires on certain places of your body in order to track heart rate, and other's for possible sleep apnea, and movements of all sorts. I could be wrong and that is why I want more training to go as far as I know I can and will. Menos

Novant Health

tell them alittle about yourself

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I'm a people person, a team player, reliable and love what I do

I’m been Doctor for more than 20 years, arrive to EEUU in 2017. I study RN in EDP University in PR, I love health care work. Menos

MedStar Washington Hospital Center

What made you choose Medstar?

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I chose medstar because Its a great company to work with and it gives me an opportunity to work in my field and to help start my career Menos

I choose med star because it’s a great company and I fill it will help me reach my goal in life Menos

CML Healthcare


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Normal interview process

Royal LePage

How would I handle confidentiality

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My answer was that I hold clients and coworkers information with the utmost confidentiality Menos

Turnure Medical Group

Why do you want to work here, and why did you choose to become a Medical Assistant? What personal skills do you have that make you a great M.A.?

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I'm a sensitive caring person who is very personable, understands people's feelings, and can always find a solution to a problem. I have a passion to help people, to make them understand things, to help make them feel better. I'm an advocate for health and positivity. I have compassion and love to listen to people's stories. I genuinely want to know about what someone has gone through, how they are feeling and what, if any, help or advice I can offer. Menos

University of Toronto

Tell me an example of when you made a mistake at work and how you handled it?

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I would say be genuine and make it relevant to the position

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

What is your current workday like?

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I answered accordingly

Conway Medical Center

Can you deal w/ the underpayment and slowness of the company?

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Yes, because the amount of hours are excellent.

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