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Greenwich Hospital
A un Medical Assistant/Receptionist le preguntaron...5 de abril de 2018

Experience with patients and customer service skills

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Excellent customer service

I had many years of experience

I am a young bilingual certified medical assistant ready to find a job match in my area i am full of motivation quick adapter full of respect and car Menos

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Waha Capital

Have you ever worked from home or online before.

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City of Hope

What is one of your weakness at work?

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One of my weaknesses is also my speed. Sometimes I get too far ahead of myself and my team that I end up with nothing to do. I constantly need something to do and I enjoy exploring and learning so in another way it is a benefit. Menos

Seting my own goal with high expectations and not reaching the goal before the end of the day on a busy day. Menos

My weakness at work is my speed. I'm very accurate in the work I do, but I take my time. These days, many people prefer fast workers over efficiency and accuracy. So, because of that, it's a weakness. Menos

Clinica Sierra Vista

No difficult questions, just have your answers ready to go. Always ask questions, don't say you don't have any, makes you look uninterested.

Divisions of Family Practice

Are you vaccinated? It's not mandated yet, but we hear it's coming.

Community Health Centers of the Central Coast

What was a time you went through a difficult situation.

Action Urgent Care

Where do you see yourself in the future (5,10, etc years)?

Derm Right

How would your ideal training and onboarding look like

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